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Discord can be installed on Ubuntu in multiple ways, all of which are easy to perform. It’ll work smoothly for a while too, which is great. The problem starts when you need to update Discord. 

Depending on which method you used for the installation, you may need to repeat the entire process whenever an update is released. For instance, if you installed Discord using a tarball, removing and reinstalling it time and again can be a real hassle.

So, we’ll cover Discord installation methods that’ll cause minimal maintenance headaches in the long run in this article.  

Install Discord From Snapstore

The easiest way to install Discord is using snap. 

sudo snap install discord

Alternatively, you can also install the Discord snap package from the Ubuntu Software app.

  1. Launch the Ubuntu Software app from the dock.
    ubuntu software app dock
  2. Search ‘Discord’ and click on Install.
    install discord snap
  3. Enter your password to authenticate.
    discord authentication ubuntu
  4. You can launch Discord from the Applications menu after the installation completes.
    discord app ubuntu

Snap is very convenient in terms of package management as the packages periodically auto-update. But if you ever need to manually update Discord, you can use

sudo snap refresh discord

And if you need to uninstall Discord, you can use

sudo snap remove discord

Install Discord Using Deb Package

You can also install Discord using the official deb package.

  1. Download the deb package from Discord’s download page.
    download discord for ubuntu
  2. Right-click the downloaded file and select Open With Another Application.
    open with another application discord
  3. Select Software Install and press the Select button.
    software install discord
  4. Click on Install and enter your password for authentication.
    discord install local deb file
  5. Launch Discord from the Applications menu afterward.
    discord app ubuntu

As mentioned earlier, one downside to this method is that you’ll need to repeat this process when an update is available. Download the updated package as prompted by Discord and use the commands shown below to get this done quickly.

Remove the current Discord installation with

sudo apt remove -y discord

Replace the downloaded file’s path and install the new Discord version with

sudo apt install /path/to/discord.deb
sudo apt install /home/anup/Downloads/discord-0.0.25.deb
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