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Dropbox is a popular cloud storage service that provides 2 GB of free storage with its starter plan. There are multiple ways to install Dropbox on Ubuntu.

While they all work, some methods will install older versions, while others can be a hassle to maintain. So, we’ve covered two easy and reliable ways to install and use Dropbox on Ubuntu today.

Install Graphically with .deb Package

Dropbox provides packages for different distributions on its website. Installing Dropbox with these packages is the recommended install method.

  1. Go to the Dropbox downloads page and download the appropriate package for your distro and version.
    download dropbox linux
  2. Right-click the downloaded package and select Open with another application > Software Install.
    dropbox deb package install
  3. Click on Install and enter your password for authentication.
    local install dropbox deb
  4. Now, search and open Dropbox from the Applications menu.
    dropbox app ubuntu
  5. At the first startup, press Ok when prompted to download the proprietary Dropbox daemon.
    dropbox proprietary daemon
  6. Once that’s done, click on Start Dropbox or Restart Nautilus.
    nautilus restart
  7. You should land at the Dropbox login page in your default browser. Sign in to your account here.
    dropbox sign in
  8. Syncing your device with your account will create a Dropbox folder in your home directory. Your Dropbox files will be synced to this folder. The opposite is also true, i.e., you can move files to this folder to upload them to Dropbox. 
    dropbox sync folder nautilus ubuntu
  9. Finally, you can click on the Dropbox icon from the notifications area to manage settings like Selective Sync.
    dropbox selective sync

Install Dropbox File Browser Extension

If you want to install Dropbox from the terminal, you can install the nautilus-dropbox package. As the name implies, this integrates Dropbox with GNOME desktops. This is intended for standard Ubuntu installs, but it works for other desktop environments and flavors as well.

sudo apt install nautilus-dropbox

After installing it, you can launch Dropbox from the Applications menu. The rest of the setup process is the same as the previous method, so you can check the earlier section for reference.

Additionally, if this extension doesn’t work well on non-default Ubuntu builds, there are alternative packages you can try.

  • dolphin-plugins – Dropbox integration for Dolphin, the file manager on KDE.
  • caja-dropbox – Dropbox integration for Caja, the MATE file manager.
  • thunar-dropbox-plugin – Dropbox plugin for Thunar, the default file manager for Xfce.
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