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As workplaces shift to digital, communication platforms like Slack are growing in popularity. Slack is particularly useful in business settings thanks to features like its channel system and file-sharing. If you’re looking to give Slack a try, we’ll cover ways to install it on Ubuntu in this article.

Install Slack Deb Package

The recommended way to install Slack is using the deb package officially provided by Slack. You can download the package use apt to install it like so

sudo apt install ~/Downloads/slack-desktop-4.29.149-amd64.deb

Or, you can install it graphically. To do this,

  1. Right-click the deb file and select Open With Another Application.
    slack open with another application
  2. Select Software Install and press Enter.
    slack software install
  3. Click on the Install button and enter your password for authentication.
    slack desktop local deb install
  4. You can now launch Slack from the Applications menu, or from the terminal using the slack command.
    slack app ubuntu

Install Slack from Snapstore 

Snaps are generally fine, but the snap version of Slack doesn’t have great reviews. It tends to crash often, so the previous method is preferred. But if you’d like to try your luck with the snap version anyway, here’s how you can install it:

  1. Search and open ‘Ubuntu Software’.
    ubuntu software app
  2. Locate the Slack package, click on Install, and provide your password to authenticate.
    slack snap store install
  3. After it installs, you can launch it from the Applications menu.
    slack app ubuntu

How to Update or Remove Slack

If you used the first method to install Slack, you can update it using

sudo apt-get install --only-upgrade slack-desktop

Similarly, you can remove the package with

sudo apt remove slack-desktop

If you installed Slack from the Snap Store, you don’t need to worry about updating as snap packages regularly auto-update. But if you’d like to update manually anyway, you can run

sudo snap refresh slack

Similarly, you can remove Slack from the Ubuntu Software app, or you can run

sudo snap remove slack
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