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Ubuntu’s default media player (Totem) generally gets the job done, but if you’re switching over to Linux from a different platform, a player like VLC might be a better fit. It’s got better codec support, and the element of familiarity is always nice.

Note: If VLC doesn’t launch, simply remove and reinstall it through a different method.

Install Using snap (CLI)

VLC can be installed as a snap, or through apt on Ubuntu. If you want the updated VLC version, install it with snap.

sudo snap install vlc

This’ll install the stable version. If you want to download the beta or dev (edge) releases, specify it with the channel option.

sudo snap install vlc --channel=latest/beta
sudo snap install vlc --channel=latest/edge

You don’t need to worry about keeping VLC updated as the snapd daemon auto-checks for updates multiple times a day. And if you need to remove the VLC snap, you can use

sudo snap remove vlc

Install Using apt (CLI)

Not everyone likes snaps as they can sometimes be slow to launch, or occupy more space. If you prefer using apt, you can install VLC with

sudo apt install -y vlc-bin

Just note that this package will be slightly older compared to the VLC snap. You can update it when a new version is available with

sudo apt update && sudo apt --only upgrade install vlc-bin

And if you need to remove VLC, you can do so with

sudo apt remove vlc-bin  

Install From Software Center

If you prefer to stick to the GUI side of Linux, you can use the Ubuntu Software app to install VLC. The same scenarios as above apply here; install the snap version if you want the up-to-date package.

  1. Search and open ‘Ubuntu Software’ from the Activities overview.
    ubuntu software app
  2. Use the search tool to locate VLC. You might even find it recommended on the home page.
    vlc ubuntu store
  3. Select the VLC version and press Install. Then, enter your password for authentication.
    install vlc snap store
  4. After installing VLC, open the Settings app and scroll down to the Default Applications tab. You can make VLC the default music and video player from here.
    vlc default media player ubuntu
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